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KANSAS-Graduated Driver's License Rules to Know! <<Click to see the Details!!!
In a perfect setting student's at the age of 14 would read the KS Driver Handbook and go to the DMV to receive their Learner's Permit after successfully taking a written exam. After having that permit for ONE year and gaining about 25 hours of driving experience a student would be enrolled in Drivers Education. Upon completing Drivers Education, and having held a permit for ONE year, a student would earn their Restricted Drivers License.

What type of CAR will my student be driving and can I request or specify a certain vehicle?  
Student's are primarily, but not solely, assigned to specific cars based on the experience they bring to class.  We do not take requests and students, nor parents, may influence our process.  We look at a multitude of aspects when assigning kids to specific cars.  Experience, location, test scores, and their interaction during class all come into play when we look at placing kids.  Often times, cars are assigned based on the workload of our Instructors.  NO, students with limited, little, or shaky driving skills will NOT be driving a Camaro.  We also can have kids change cars after the driving sessions have started if we feel a change is needed to improve the chances of success.  Finally, please don't get hung up on the cars....We picked all of our cars to be safe, fun, and offer a variety of teaching moments for the kids to learn from!

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